A Severe Thunderstorm Watch in effect from Frederick County east to the Atlantic through 9 p.m. Numerous severe thunderstorm warnings are following the strong line of thunderstorms as it crosses the state. We will continue to update you on their progress both online and on the TV side.

Winds have knocked down trees and taken out power for some as this line of strong to severe thunderstorms moves west to east over the state. It’s not moving very quickly, only about 20 mph, but there is also a lot of rain coming out of any thunderstorm. This line of thunderstorms is getting more strung out from northeast to southwest, with the southern side hanging way back in Va. still Sunday evening. All of it will keep moving east. It will take longer for southern Maryland and lower parts of the Eastern Shore, but it’s coming.

Behind this line, there is another line of thunderstorms. It’s draped from western Pa. back into southeast Ohio and down into Kentucky. We will have to see how much of that line holds together, but it is also moving east. We are thinking that some showers and thunderstorms could linger into Monday morning before this front, that is going to then be very strung out from east to west, slowly moves down into Virginia. Some sunshine and drier air will return behind the front Monday.

The front won’t be far away on Tuesday, but far enough to the south for a break in our weather. Then, it gets drawn back up into Maryland Tuesday night/Wednesday. Scattered showers and thunderstorms will become more of a possibility Wednesday with the return of the front. Expect scattered showers and thunderstorms Thursday into Friday before this part of the front leaves us.

After a little break in the high humidity/dew points later Monday and Tuesday, they will be back on the rise again for the second half of the week.

In the tropics, Ernesto is still a tropical storm with winds of 50 mph. It is moving off to the west at 20 mph. Along this track, it is looking like it will make a turn to the west-northwest, coming close to the Honduras coast later Monday or Tuesday before heading toward Belize/Yucatan. There is the chance that Ernesto will strengthen into a hurricane before making a landfall because it is moving into an area more favorable for development.

Florence is way out there in the Atlantic. It is a tropical storm with winds also at 50 mph. It is currently to the west at 14 mph. The forecast for Florence is to eventually make a turn to the northwest, where it will track north of most of the islands. It is still so far away that we will be tracking Florence for a while.


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