ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — Adding a new casino will be the focus of a special session later this week in Annapolis but another issue could impact all Maryland dog owners.

Adam May has reaction to pending legislation.

This is reaction to a controversial court ruling on pit bulls. A new law would make sure all dogs involved in attacks are treated the same.

The future of a pit bull puppy recovering from a broken leg at the SPCA hangs in the balance.

“I hope Ginger gets all better and finds a loving home that loves her and respects her,” said Marianne Tammany, who’s fostering the puppy.

But shelters across Maryland report a slowdown on pit bull adoptions. In May, Maryland’s highest court stated pit bulls were inherently dangerous. They ruled landlords could be liable in pit bull attacks in a case involving a young Towson child almost killed by a pit bull.

“I don’t want to see anyone lose their dog but I almost lost my son that day. That needs to be loud and clear,” said Irene Solesky.

The ruling outraged pit bull lovers like Mikee Johnson.

“I think it’s wrong because some people, they really love their dogs and to [make them] get rid of them is really disrespectful,” Johnson said.

Now lawmakers will vote on new liability laws in a special session.

“Ideally, we want legislation that treats all the dogs the same and fairly, regardless of breed. That’s our only hope,” said Aileen Gabbey, SPCA.

State Delegate Curt Anderson says his bill will also put liability back on dog owners.

“We’ve got to look at both scenarios, not just victims or dangerous dog owners or a specific breed of dog,” Anderson said.

Those who support the original court ruling feel it would decrease the number of pit bull attacks.

The special session starts Thursday.


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