The Ravens will take on the Falcons on Thursday night and staying healthy is obviously the most important thing. In the Preseason, winning and losing doesn’t matter, at least to me. I will be watching very closely at some of the camp battles to see who plays the best with the opportunities they are given.

First is the 2nd string running back. With Pierce, Allen, Berry and Rainey all trying to get carries during the regular season, they will have to showcase their talents in the next 4 games to win the job.

I will be watching the linebackers closely as well. With Suggs being down for an extended period of time and the loss of JJ, there will be openings at the outside backer position. Also Ray Lewis missed 4 games last year, at his age there is a good chance he will miss a few more this year.

Lastly, I will be watching the kickers. I believe Turner has a good chance of beating out Cundiff. I may be in the minority with this, but I watched Turner kick in college and I think he has what it takes to kick at this level.


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