There’s been a lot of debate whether or not Oscar Pistorious should be allowed to compete in the Olympics.

Pistorius is known as the Blade Runner. He uses prosthetic legs that are engineered and look like blades. He qualified for the 400 meter semis, but didn’t make the finals. He is an amazing story, having had his legs amputated below the knee at 11 months old. Right after the Olympics, he will compete in the Paralympics. Some people believe he shouldn’t be allowed to compete in the regular Olympics because of the precedent it could set when technology could allow someone like him to win. My feeling is that he should be allowed to compete, that it is such a unique occurrence that we should allow him to compete, and use whatever means is necessary.

For crying out loud, he is a double amputee. Let’s worry about it when it happens. And really, how many amputees will put in the work and effort that he has to get to this point?  Let him compete and shut up.


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