There is nobody that loves sports like I do. It’s been my passion since a young child, festered by my Father, Uncle and even Grandmother. That side of the family lived and breathed sports, still does. My 91 year old grandmother still watches tennis, golf and football regularly.

It’s what we do, how we were raised… raised on sports. I write this to give background and context. Sports are entertainment, not life. Sports are fun, not life or death. Why do we all take entertainment so serious?

I need our teams to win, it’s part of my makeup but I don’t wish ill-will towards a guy who is batting poorly or holding out for a contract or has been injured and can’t get on the field. I may hate on them as sports figures but never as men, which is what I’m finding more and more sports fans doing.

Why do you the fan feel it’s ok to take shots at people that are athletes? Because they are on tv? Because they make a lot of money, in some cases? Because you wish you could be them?

I don’t get it and I certainly don’t remember it being this over the top. We’ve got to chill out people, our athletes are just like us. The second we put sports on a pedestals is when PSU becomes bigger than life. It’s when we start to hate for jealous reason. It’s when he lose sight of what sports is. A GAME.

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