I can’t believe that question can be asked, but not only is it being asked, but a case can be made for YES.

In the 4 majors this year, Tiger never broke a par. The amazing thing is that in the first 2 rounds of the majors, he was great. In the US Open, tied for the lead at the halfway point, then shot 75. At the British Open, shot back to back 67’s, then didn’t break par on Saturday.

At the PGA this weekend, tied for the 36 hole lead, then goes 74 and 72. Rory McIlroy went 67 and 66, so he beat Tiger by 13 in those 2 rounds. Most of the top finishers Sunday shot in the 60’s. Tiger’s Saturday and Sunday rounds were the worst of any golfer in the Top-35.

Is he a choke? Hard to say yes, but the numbers say…maybe.


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