Dan Duquette, to me is a slam dunk for the Executive of the Year in the American League. In fact, it’s even more convincing than Buck for Manager of the Year.

Look at what Duquette has done this year:

  • Gets Chen, a pitcher anyone could have had, for the kind of money you’d pay a good reliever, and he’s been a great starter.
  • Dumps Guthrie’s salary for Hammel, a borderline All-star and Lindstrom, a great reliever
  • Signs O’Day coming off an injury, who has been great.
  • Reimold and Roberts go down, gets Tolleson, Pearce, Quintanilla, Ford, Hall, etc. to fill in and contribute.
  • Signs Teagarden, who is hitting .097, yet has 2 game winning hits.
  • Miguel Gonzales, another guy anyone could have had, hasn’t pitched in the majors in 2 years.
  • Calls up Machado at the perfect time. Ditto for Steve Johnson.

Duquette’s knack for pushing all the right buttons has been phenomenal. He deserves an award.


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