By Ron Matz

OCEAN CITY, Md. (WJZ)—Ocean City is bracing for some huge crowds this weekend, and it’s not just vacationers. Fans of extreme sports will be there by the thousands.

Ron Matz reports the Dew Tour hits the beach for the second straight summer.

The Dew Tour is back on the beach, and the rider who landed the first triple back flip will be there. James Foster is one of the best at BMX.

“I started racing BMX when I was younger. I ended up doing tricks on the racetrack. I just started doing freestyle, and it evolved from there,” said Foster, Dew Tour competitor.

Foster says he often rides up to five days a week.

“I ride a few hours a day just to keep myself fresh. I keep doing what I’m doing, trying to push the envelope and do new stuff,” he said.

Dew Tour dreamers come to Charm City Skate Park in Canton to find just the right board.

“We started as a skateboard shop on Eastern Avenue,” said Jason Chapman, Charm City Skate Park owner. “I noticed the kids needed a place to go. We built this to give people a place to go. We’ve been here 17 years.”

Kyle Flegel, 15, has been skateboarding for nearly a decade.

“I started skateboarding when I was about 6. It’s a lot of fun. You have to have passion and education. Once I got on a board I couldn’t stop,” he said.

“We offer them a safe place to go,” said Chapman. “It’s out of the elements, the rain and the snow, the nasty weather of the Baltimore winter.”

Free style scooters from Madd Gear are the next big thing.

“Extreme sports are only getting bigger and bigger. We have BMX racing in the Olympics now. Hopefully we can get BMX freestyle in the Olympics soon. We have Charm City Skate Park here in Baltimore. It’s an epidemic,” Foster said.

And in Canton they love what the Dew Tour does for the popularity of this sport.

“At Charm City we host the amateur version of the Dew Tour. It’s called the Free Flow tour, and we have the pro version in Ocean City. I like the national attention it brings for skateboarding in Baltimore,” Chapman said.

And for thousands it will be a great time down the ocean, where the big crowds and the riders are ready to do the Dew this weekend.


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