Three weeks in, it was bound to happen and probably overdue. Ravens camp got heated during practice as they prepared for their second preseason game against the Detroit Lions.

Coach Harbaugh said that “It was a spirited fight; no doubt about that.” the melee was started between rookie C Gino Gradkowski and DT Arthur Jones. The cause of the skirmish is unknown. But Jones (whose brother is an MMA fighter) landed several blows to Gradkowski. There were other parties involved in the fight as well ( OL Jah Reid and S Bernard Pollard went at it.) About 90% of the offense and defense met in the middle of the field.  Harbaugh, when asked about why he didn’t stop things earlier, replied “What are you going to do about it?” Get in there and start tossing bodies around and get them out of there.”

The Ravens are prepping for their 2nd pre season contest and Harbaugh explains how long the starters will play in the team’s home debut

VIDEO: Harbaugh on fight and how long starters will go vs. Detroit

There were a few players who were nowhere to be seen during the scrum, Such as veteran C Matt Birk, RB Ray Rice, QB Joe Flacco- along with injured tight ends Dennis Pitta and Ed Dickson.

The Ravens are entering the Loins game with a 1-0 record I the pre season winning 11 of their last 13 under Harbaugh, but more importantly they have to make roster moves and decisions to see who will make those final spots are what is on the line. Harbaugh said that “you have to factor production vs. potential if you want to call it that, upside versus how can guys help you right now of course special teams is a big part of that.” He also said “you have to take the best information you have practice and games make the best choice you can.” The second preseason should be a progression from the first one. As the team gets closer the season they should get better with executing the plays and have a handle on what to except for the 2012 regular season. Many players still have to fight for a spot on the roster and Harbugh discusses that aspect here

VIDEO: Harbaugh on players fighting for job.

Jerry Coleman: @sportswcoleman


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