The front got out of here earlier than expected, and we all benefited. Showers lingered into the early morning hours for Baltimore, but moved away for sunrise. Even along the Eastern Shore, the morning showers cleared pretty quickly. That made for a gorgeous day, leaving the entire state under a very fall feeling air mass – cool and much drier.

We topped out at 85 degrees, while the dew points dropped to the 50s. That will set us up for a cool overnight. We are forecasting a low of 59 degrees for BWI-Marshall, while outlying areas will be even cooler. The dry air will stick around for one more day before a new front moves our way, but it will remain cool for a few days.

Sunshine Sunday will give way to increasing afternoon and evening clouds as the next front moves our way. It is bringing a lot of moisture up from the south with it. Some rain and thunderstorms will break out Monday, locking in the cool air. Highs may not even get to 80 degrees. That front will start to move away Tuesday, but the training front could keep some showers and maybe a thunderstorm around before leaving.

Temperatures will gradually recover to around the average of 85 degrees midweek as drier air returns to the Mid-Atlantic.

In the tropics, Gordon is an incredibly interesting storm. It has strengthened to a category 2 hurricane with winds of 110 mph. It is still way out in the Atlantic and charging off to the east at 21 mph. Gordon looks like it will threaten the Azores, and maybe even Portugal.

Helene moved onshore in Mexico and has weakened to a tropical depression. It is dumping flooding rains in the mountains, and continues to have a lot of moisture with it. It looks like some of this moisture will get drawn north into Texas.

There is another tropical wave moving west in the Atlantic – having just left the African coast a day or so ago. There is nothing interfering with this wave, and it looks like it will become a tropical depression or storm in the next couple of days. This is one we are going to have to watch.


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