Former Major League Baseball Commissioner Fay Vincent joined The Norris & Davis Show to discuss how the league should deal with performance enhancing drugs, replay in baseball, and the length of the season.

Mr. Vincent gave his thoughts on the suspension of San Francisco Giants outfielder Melky Cabrera 50-game suspension, ‘I think poor Melky Cabrera is not the issue.  The issue is a much bigger problem.  And that is: We really got to do something about the performance enhancing drugs in all of sports.  I think it is a major challenge to the integrity of all these games.   Melky just reminds us that the problem is going to be around.  It’s a serious problem.  And, I don’t think there’s any real strategy for dealing with it.’

The former MLB Commissioner declined to speculate on the current prevalence of PED use by players, but gave insight as to why the abuse exists, ‘The money involved in the performance is so enormous.  Look at Melky.  If you can take a drug like testosterone and increase your performance like he did and come up on a new contract as he was about to you’re talking about an enormous amount of money and that is an inducement and an incentive to overcome.’

According to Mr. Vincent, the biggest problem with the use of PED’s in sports ‘is the kid who is 14-years old and 6’6″ and they tell him that if he takes the growth enhancement drug he might get to be 6’9″ and play basketball for very lucrative terms.  How do you do you turn that down if you’re a kid with no assets?’

Listen to the entire interview here:


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