It’s only a preseason game, I’ll start there, not too much should be taken from it but we still have to analyze what we saw.

First thing that jumped out at me was the starting line on both sides of the ball. On offense Michael Oher got the start at LT and the rookie out of Iowa St KO got the start at RT. While both looked fine maybe it was just a message to Bryant McKinnie. At the same time I’m sure the coaches wanted to get a look to see if Kelechi Osemele can play with starters. No matter the reason I still feel the opening day starting line will be Big Mac, Bobby Williams, Birk, Yanda & Oher (right to left) and saying that I would like that unit to gel as much as possible, that means playing together as much as they can.I’m no coach and don’t pretend to be one but I need to see the starting unit as much preseason as I can. It’s nice to see if KO can hold up and his versatility has already proved valuable but it may be cause for concern that a true standout starting line has yet to show itself by now.

At NT on defense Ma’ake Kemoeatu got the start over Terrence Cody and that may have been a reward to Kemo as much as anything but Cody is going to be the starter at NT and he’s going to need to play huge, the gap up the middle in the first two preseason games against the run has been less than stellar.

I liked what I saw from LaQuan Williams at WR, he was targeted a bunch and proved able to get open against number ones. Jacoby was Jacoby, dynamic, fast and questionable with his hands, dropping a ball he should have caught then making a great run on an end around. Flacco threw darts and backup rookie running back Bernard Pierce showed he can be a hard nosed runner when he stays north and south.

The secondary still worries me because it is supposed to be the strongest unit on the field and Calvin Johnson had his way with them. Calvin will do that to most teams, so I’m not super worried but still they’ll need to play better once it’s real live action. I will say that Reed, Pollard and Webb didn’t play as much as I thought so that’s to be taken into account when Jimmy Smith and Cary Williams got torched.

Preseason week 3 is right around the corner and it’s the biggest test till sept 10th Monday night vs the Bengals.

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