The Ravens get ready for the Jaguars and their third exhibition game with a closer eye towards the more meaningful regular season.

The AFC North which is regarded as the toughest division in football – or as John Harbaugh puts it “You have to look at those teams and say, ‘How are we going to match up against those teams and how are we going to use our personnel, our schemes or whatever against those people?’ But that’s not just it. Every game we’ve played against Cleveland has been a challenge. Every game we have played against Cincinnati in the last four years has been a challenge. You cant just say its these teams. In pro football, its every team, and I don’t think we’ve had too many games where we haven’t played close games. That’s what makes it great. That’s what makes the NFL so great.”

VIDEO:  Harbaugh on tough AFC North

One point of emphasis that the Ravens offense will try to improve on in the game against the Jaguars is their inconsistent Red Zone execution. QB Joe Flacco said that “If you want to score a lot of points in this league and you want to run away with a couple games here and there when you’re given a chance which isn’t often you’ve got to put the ball in the end zone. So, I think that’s one thing that I’d like to see, is when we get down there this week, is stick it in there.” If the Ravens want to attain their goal this year they will have to score points, but you know that is not the game plan. They still have a stellar defense.

VIDEO: Flacco on Red Zone Offense needing to improve

We cant forget the Ravens D has finished in the top 3-5 in last decade. Led by 17 year Veteran linebacker Ray Lewis, who feels ready for the season, Lewis is lighter than ever and feels great, adding “anytime you can finish up 17 years of training camps that is a blessing in itself.” At the end of the day that why we are called a team it does not matter and does not matter who takes the lead or who does whatever, if we go into games and win games together that is the bottom line emphasis.” As long as the rest of the team shares that vision, the Ravens defense will not miss a beat.

VIDEO: Ray Lewis on being ready for regular season

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