I know ESPN has a tendency to “kill” stories.  Well, okay, over-kill.  But hey, they are at the top of the mountain, so they have a little wiggle room, right?  Anyway, it’s the time of year when no matter when you turn on ESPN, you see the Little League World Series.  Hell, they lead with it on SportsCenter!  I mean, I kind of have the same reaction you probably do, “It’s just the kids, put on the real sports.”  Maybe yours is, “Who cares?” Or maybe, “If it was from my hometown, I would care more, but since I don’t live in Nebraska, I’d rather watch real sports!”  Regardless, it is on and while I am not really an avid fan, whenever I see the Little League World Series, I am reminded about the game.  The game that I love.  The game that I KNOW is still the best game on Earth!

The little league game is just a reminder that I still love baseball.  I remember playing that game and wanting to be on that field as a kid.  I wanted to play in the Little League World Series so bad!  And then I stop and think about the game today.  Melky Cabrera’s suspended for using synthetic testosterone.  Umpires are blowing calls every night.  Players pop-off at the mouth.  Contracts are exorbitant.  There is none of that in the Little League World Series.  It’s just the game.  Just kids playing the game.  Simple. Pure.  It’s all out effort, all the time.  It’s victory and heartbreak.  It’s the stuff that dreams are made of.  And lastly, it’s America and America’s past time.  I wish all those kids well and wonder which of those kids we will see in 10-15 years in the majors dealing with all the stuff they never think about while they are playing now.


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