Here’s one you may not find on Hello friends and Welcome to the Fraudulent Football Season, we are just weeks away from kicking off the NFL season. Remember last year, caught up in a labor battle with the NFLPA and drooling over TV revenue that could be part of a proposed 18 game regular season schedule Commissioner Roger Goodell informed the free world “that the quality of preseason represented the No. 1 complaint received from fans.” Hello!!

Did they really need a Gallup poll to figure out season ticket holders weren’t crazy about getting mugged.
Pre-season football is a fraud and fans know it. There’s nothing wrong with teams protecting their investments and having top players spend more time on the sidelines than the cheerleaders. There’s so much wrong with owners charging fans full ticket prices to watch it.

Welcome to the biggest rip-off in professional sports. In these tough economic times lets give our loyal customers a punch in the gut. I get it, coaches need to play undrafted rookies to see if they’re NFL worthy and some of those long shots do earn a spot on the final 53 with that exposure. It’s not the football side that’s gone bad it’s the business model and the arrogance of The King.

If season ticket holders didn’t have a gun to their heads to buy to the pre-season games how many fans would show up for this stuff at full price? My guess is about as many as you see in most stadiums late 4th quarter of pre-season games, about 5-10 thousand. It’s Fraudulent and we all know it, but it’s the NFL and they own us.

A lot to like about the Ravens week 3 win over the Jags Thursday night….

Joe Flacco–Wow! Threw for nearly 200 yards in the first half and completed 13 of 14 on back to back scoring drives. He’s ready for the Bengals. After a horrible outing against Detroit Tyrod Taylor had a good game and locked up the number 2 QB spot.

Torrey Smith– Last year wasn’t a fluke 8 catches for 103 yards. The Maryland Terp is a play-maker, hard-worker with a bright future.

Ravens D–Have to consider the opponent but this looked like Ravens defense, fast, attacking and pressuring the quarterback.

Justin Tucker- Gettin’ his kicks. Did all the kicking, near perfect including a 53 yard FG and 5 touchbacks.

Rookie RB’s– Bernard Pierce we knew about Bobby Rainey looks like Ray Rice Jr. A 48 yard touchdown part of Rainey’s latest act. These 2 both look like they have a future in Purple.


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