So Billy Cundiff is “no more” , the Ravens cut him and will go with rookie kicker Justin Tucker. It was a move that people might expected that would happen after last season, yet the timing in some ways was odd. I understand Cundiff’s leg was becoming a liability. Not to mention his accuracy. He was 28th in field goal percentage last season and has only posted one season with a FGP over 85% once (2010) . Some would say kickers are a “dime a dozen ” in the National Football League. Teams can always find them, but if you find a kicker like Adam Vinatieri or Matt Stover who was amazing in the clutch, that is special.

Head Coach John Harbaugh is very confident with Tucker and indicated the decision was based on s what they think is best for their team. ” We think, going forward in the long term, its going to be the best. We also think that in the short term. Billy Cundiff kicked very well. I’ve said it many times: He is a great person. He is a heck of a kicker. He is a huge part of what we accomplished here the last two-and-a-half years, and he’ll always be remembered for that.”

VIDEO: John Harbaugh on decision to go with Tucker.

Now it is time for Justin Tucker to make his mark as Harbaugh indicated. What made Tucker the choice going forward into the future, is how Tucker put it “In our world where everything can come down to very finite details, kind of going back to basic and just saying, ‘Just kick the ball and kick it straight,’ that’s what I would tell myself when I would go hit a ball in a preseason game or even just out here at practice every single day. I guess the thing that I’ve done well I think, up through this point is just keep it simple and put it through.” He will be challenged but that is a good thing for a rookie, who you want to see how they handle and- how they adjust to the obstacles.

VIDEO: Tucker on getting job


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