One area where the Ravens will need to make adjustments is contending with the absence of Linebacker Terrell Suggs. starting with week on.

However, the Ravens still are determined to work through it and prevail. Suggs could be out until week six or longer Head Coach John Harbaugh said “We don’t know. It’s still early. I’d say he’s doing really well. From everything I’ve been told, he’s doing very well. So, that’s where we’re at. It’s too far off to say a date, really.”

Although it is still Preseason and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what this last Preseason game means. It is important for the players that are battling for the final spots on the roster.. Coach Harbaugh pronounced “We’re going to try to get as many reps as we can for the guys that we’re trying to determine their future. These guys work too hard out here to not give them every opportunity out there in a game situation to prove what they can do. This is their dream. There are a lot of guys that have an opportunity right now that are on the bubble to make this team. So, we’ve got decisions to make here and for other teams to take a look at. So, they’ve earned that, they deserve that, and that’s what we’ll do.” As much as the Ravens would like to some of the players this is the NFL and if you are not playing at an elite level or if a player can’t adjust to the game speed they will be cut. That is just how it is.

One of those players fighting for a spot will be their 7th round draft choice DeAngelo Tyson. He could help the Ravens add to the D-line and Harbaugh said “He has done well. He has gotten better. DeAngelo is really a hard worker, very quiet. He just comes to work every day and does his job, and he has improved a lot as far as the techniques that Defensive Line Coach Clarence Brooks has taught him. So, he continues to improve. He is one of the guys that we’ll have to make a decision about.” Two questions to be ask who will make the final 53 man roster and will the Ravens be able to fight through the Suggs injury for at least the first half of the season? Time will tell , but the Ravens are ready to compete and take on anybody on any given Sunday.

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