BALTIMORE (WJZ)— The checkered flag is flying, bringing the spotlight to Baltimore. Racing fans from all over the world are descending on Charm City.

Monique Griego speaks to a driver racing for a local legend.

The sounds of the Grand Prix of Baltimore once again roared through downtown.

“It’s so exciting. It is downtown Baltimore with the streets like this. This is great,” said Carol Miller, race fan.

Tens of thousands of fans lined the streets and packed into grandstands as the cars raced by at nearly 200 mph.

“I went from being very intimidated from wanting to be in one of the cars,” said Tammy Freeman, race fan.

But the IndyCars aren’t just fast.

“It’s really loud. I think it would have hurt my eardrums if I didn’t have these [earphones] on,” said Christian Beale, face fan.

While the cars may be whizzing by too quick for you to get a good look, one may still stand out. A car emblazoned a weeping Natty Boh in honor of the Patrick “Scunny” McCusker.

McCusker, who owned the popular bar Nacho Mama’s in Canton, recently died in a cycling accident.

Indy driver Patryk Tararuj, a Baltimore native, was asked by the Canton community to drive the car in this weekend’s race.

“From what I know, Scunny was the one that brought the brand back to Baltimore,” Tararuj said. “I feel special, very privileged and honored.”

While the cars and races are the main attraction, the street circuit built in the heart of Baltimore also had its fair share of fans.

“It is amazing. It’s infallible that they could do something like this right in the middle of the city,” said Karl Beale, race fan.

“The difference from when you come down here normally and you see what they’ve done, it is great,” Miller said.

The Grand Prix gates open up again Sunday at 7 a.m. The IZOD race starts at 2:45 p.m.


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