Isaac’s remnant center is still spinning to our west (over southern Indiana/northern Kentucky), but yesterday’s front continues to draw its moisture our way.  That’s why we had the clouds, spotty rain, and drenching thunderstorms today.  There’s not a lot of wind or flow in the weather pattern to push these storms along, so the rain is really piling up quickly underneath any thunderstorm.  There was localized flooding earlier today around the lower Eastern Shore from Salisbury to the beach around Ocean City.  Then, there was street flooding in DC this evening.  Also, we received many reports and photos of waterspouts that formed just offshore near Essex/Middle River/Millers Island.  You can see some of those photos on my Facebook page at Bernadette Woods Meteorologist.

The thunderstorms will weaken overnight, but some areas of rain will linger.  Dense fog will also settle into many places.  Then, we do it all over again tomorrow.

Scattered areas of rain and thunderstorms will give locally heavy rain not only tomorrow, but also on Tuesday.  Isaac’s remnant low is not moving quickly, and will still be to our west.  An approaching front will finally break it up and push it out of here Wednesday, after another round of scattered rain and thunderstorms.  Temperatures will only drop to the low 70s overnight with this air mass over us, while highs top out close to the average of 83 degrees.

Warmer air will arrive Thursday and Friday as sunshine breaks through with drier air.  However, there is the chance for showers or thunderstorms to return sometime over the weekend as a new, strong cold front moves our way.  It’s timing is still uncertain and will depend on its interaction with tropical storm Leslie.

Leslie has broken up somewhat over the last 12 hours, but it’s still a strong tropical storm with winds of 60 mph.  There is a front passing north of it and a cut-off low just to its west, inhibiting strengthening currently.  Those two features will be leaving, and Leslie is expected to strengthen in a few days – becoming a hurricane.  It’s also looking like Leslie will make a turn more toward North America after it clears those features.  One of the features that will help to draw it that way is our approaching weekend cold front.  There are still a lot of questions with this, so stay tuned.


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