PARKVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — Hazmat crews descended on a Parkville home when dangerous chemicals were found inside. The situation was so volatile, neighbors were forced to evacuate.

Kai Jackson has more on the chemical scare and who could be behind it.

Baltimore County police are still trying to determine what was taking place in the basement of that Parkville house, and they’re looking for at least one person to help answer those questions.

Tense moments in Parkville on Monday after chemicals were discovered in the basement of a home in the 8300 block of Ridgely Oak Road just after 5 p.m. The situation was serious enough that they evacuated neighbors on each side of the house.

“I smelled it when I walked up to the steps. It was that sickening; the smell made me physically sick,” said Eddy Dize, who owns the home.

Dize said he went into the basement, saw the chemicals, smelled something strange and then called the fire department and police.

“And at that point, he came back out of the house and called 911. He went back in the house with the fire department and a Hazmat team, allowed them into the house,” said Shawn Vinson, Baltimore County police.

Eddie Dize said that his nephew, who lives in the home, was in the basement with a friend using chemicals that Dize believes were ether and engine starter fluid, a volatile chemical concoction that Dize says they planned to sell.

“They were preparing to sell it. They said it was a better high than marijuana,” Dize said. “When I smelled that, I started to feel sick so I called 911.”

Baltimore County police could not recall instances where they responded to the house for similar problems.


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