Bryant McKinnie joined the Glenn Younes show Tuesday night, hours after getting his contract renegotiated with the Baltimore Ravens. He talked about the process of the contract renegotiating.

“[McKinnie’s agent and the Ravens] went back and forth and kind of just weren’t agreeing with everything that, you know, was being put out there and to my knowledge yesterday I thought I was going to be released,” McKinney said. “I got a phone call in the morning from my agent; he said prepare to be released.”

McKinnie talked about the suddenness of the situation, saying that he felt as though he had no time to react to all that was going on. Luckily for all involved however, a deal did get done for $2.2 million, with incentives that could push the total money back to the original $3.2 million.

After discussing his contract situation, McKinnie then went on to talk about a variety of Ravens related topics including his physical condition, other offensive lineman, and Jim Caldwell. He also talked about Joe Flacco’s control of the offense.

“I definitely see a difference from you know last year to this year…just the confidence level. He just knows everything a lot more,” McKinnie said.

Listen to the full interview HERE:


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