Art Modell Passes; Williams Remembers Modell ‘Made Everything Feel Right’

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Art Modell has passed away at the age of 87.  Former Ravens offensive lineman Wally Williams joined The Norris & Davis show and remembered Mr. Modell fondly, ”He was an engaging owner who wanted to know what you wanted to be outside of football and kept focused on things that were important.  Yeah, you had an opportunity to use your skill but at the same time he understood that you were a person.’

Williams commented on the atmosphere inside the Browns-turned-Ravens organization lead by Mr. Modell, ”There was no time at any point in my career that Art made me feel like it wasn’t a family.’ 

Moving the franchise from Cleveland to Baltimore took a huge toll on Mr. Modell, according to Williams who was with the team at the time, ‘It was a hard situation to deal with that took a lot out of him.’

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