I wanted to add my thoughts on the passing of Art Modell and what he means to the city of Baltimore. I’m not going to focus in on the hatred that Cleveland has for him. Instead I’ll focus on the good he has done for the league and for the city of Baltimore.

Art helped establish Monday night football and he was a part of the first collective bargaining agreement. Art also was a deciding factor for the merger between the AFL and NFL. He was the only owner willing to move his team to the AFC, so the deal could actually happen. Art has meant so much to Baltimore and not just because he brought a Superbowl here, but because he healed an open wound for Charm City. He brought football back to Baltimore and allowed this great city to be a 2 sport town once again.

I have mentioned plenty of times that I am a Colts fan, but I am so appreciative of Art bringing football back and I am so sorry for the Modell’s loss. The only good to come of this in my opinion is that Art will finally get into the Hall of Fame, where he rightfully belongs.


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