Here you’ll see my thoughts on the 2012 season. My predictions, nothing more or less.

I can’t see the future and don’t know anything. To those who say its stupid to try and guess, you are correct. It is stupid, but what the heck…



AFC Playoff Teams
1. Patriots – Brady, Belichick, Welker, better D.. Enough said
2. Texans – best all around talent top to bottom in league
3. Broncos – come on… Peyton Manning
4. Ravens – hard schedule, if Balt gets here will be a scary good team
5. Bengals – young talent both sides of ball. Dalton is a leader. Marvin Lewis
6. Jets – NFL version of “Real Housewives of New Jersey”. Got talent on D

NFC Playoff Teams
1. Packers – do I need an explanation? Discount double check
2. 49ers – might not be 13-3 again but strong talent on both sides
3. Eagles – last years dream team has all the talent, Vick’s health is key
4. Falcons – lots lots lots of offense, Saints suspension helps ATL
5. Bears – Cutler has weapons & the D is still strong
6. Panthers – Cam Newton, no Saints, Nice linebackers

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