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Sam Jackson is director, information services training for Long & Foster Companies. His regular blog, The Non-Techie Blog, and his Technology Tasting seminars, help sales associates embrace the benefits of technology to better grow their business.
Look in your mailbox, in most magazines, on a lot of product packaging and on almost any kind of print advertising. Let’s face it, QR Codes are everywhere. Statistics show that consumers in large numbers are using their smartphones and other devices such as an iPad2 to scan QR Codes which immediately take them to web sites, videos and other information promoting products and services. If you have a smartphone or a tablet device you probably already have a QR Code reader App. If you don’t here are a few suggestions for QR Code apps:
Qrafter – A free App for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad2 but primarily designed for the iPad2. Qrafter scans QR Codes and supports the creation of QR Codes, making it a QR Code generator. Used with an iPad2, Qrafter is a highly visual, easy-to-use app that is available in the Apple App Store and on iTunes.
RedLaser – A free app that scans QR Codes, as well as:
• Creates QR Codes from your contacts, a web address or text;
• Scans UPC codes and other bar codes on product packages;
• Searches for low online and local prices (using your GPS) from thousands of retailers with product results generated from Google, eBay, Shopping.com and others; and
• Allows a product’s information or a list of products to be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Email or SMS texting.
RedLaser is available for iPad2, iPhone, iPod Touch and all Android devices.
QR Droid – A free app for Android devices that distinguishes itself because of its simplicity. QR Droid is a highly rated app that can scan, generate and share QR Codes using a simple, user friendly screen with easy navigation.
Googles Goggles – a free app for Android devices that can scan bar codes and QR Codes, as well as:
• Use a device’s camera to photograph objects and return useful search results. For example, if you photograph a book, Googles Googles will provide information on where to purchase it cheapest;
• Scan a business card’s text by framing it, and Googles Googles will recognize the text and allow the user to make a call using the phone number on the business card or add the information to their contacts;
• Photograph a landmark and Googles Googles returns information about that landmark; and
• Photograph text in another language and Googles Googles will translate it into English.
• Note: Googles Googles photo feature does not work well for foods, plants, cars or animals.

by Sam Jackson


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