Fall is in the air. Even though it’s not officially Fall until Saturday, September 22, it’s going to feel like it the next few mornings.

A cool, dry air mass is moving into the Mid-Atlantic. It will kick up the winds tomorrow, while dropping temperatures and dew points. Overnight lows will drop into the 50s before recovering to the upper 70s tomorrow. Then, we will go even lower tomorrow night/Tuesday morning. We are forecasting a low of 50 degrees at BWI-Marshall, with some of the cooler spots getting into the 40s. Highs will only make it to the upper 70s again Tuesday afternoon. We will climb back to the 80s Wednesday, and then slowly back above the average of 81 degrees for the end of the week.

At the same time, the dry air will keep skies pretty clear this week. After the winds die down tomorrow, we could see rounds of overnight/early morning fog. Otherwise, expect a lot of sunshine each and every day this week. We aren’t looking for the next storm to move our way until possibly next weekend.

In the tropics, Tropical Storm Leslie is turning off to the north and eventually northeast away from Bermuda. It will soon pick up a lot of speed as it rushes eastward through the Atlantic. Michael is still a category 1 hurricane even farther out in the Atlantic. It will soon make that turn off to the north and then northeast, staying away from us.


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