By Mary Bubala

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore fans are incredibly excited for Monday night’s season opener against the Bengals.

Mary Bubala has been swimming the sea of purple all day Monday.

Fans were overjoyed to see the blowout when the Ravens beat the Bengals 44-13. It ended up being an easy victory. Millions watched on television and 70,000 and change watched in person.

The stadium exploded Monday night. There was only one word for the night: fun. It was a blowout victory and fans were cheering the entire time.

A Monday night start to the Ravens season means people went from work to a tailgate.

“I took a half-day,” said one fan.

“Go Ravens!” said a fan.

Fans had high expectations for the season after last year.

“I’m ready for the Ravens to show us they can go to the Super Bowl again,” said a fan.

“Tonight’s game: perfect. Steelers lose, Ravens win. Can’t be a better weekend,” said another.

Fans paused for a moment of silence for Art Modell. He was instrumental for Monday Night Football, so fans say it’s fitting the Ravens’ first game was on a Monday.

“He was a great man. He gave a lot to the fans,” said a fan.

The Ravens say they’re dedicating the entire season to Modell.


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