tailgatefan 420 1 Ravens Tailgating Survival Guide For September Weather

Luckily, Baltimore boasts a moderate climate ranging from 58° F as a low 78° F as a high (on average). These temps make the start to the autumn season overall pleasant for Ravens fans with comfortable daytime temperatures and cooler, but tolerable conditions for night games. Nonetheless, tents or canopies are a must for any dedicated tailgater who wants to survive the city’s unpredictable weather habits. The best part is that they can be set up in minutes upon arrival to quickly protect six to eight fans from sun or rain. The bad part is that if not secured, tents can and will go flying, causing serious damage to cars and people.

Although calm to moderate breezes are most common for Baltimore and actually provide much-needed relief on hotter days, tailgaters may experience strong wind gusts of up to 18 mph, which often announces an approaching storm from the west. If tailgating on asphalt, some creative options for anchoring down tents include using bricks, water buckets or sandbags.

On those windier days, tying down tarps to cover one or two sides of the tent will help provide added protection, especially against flying debris. Tarps are also handy for quickly covering gear in an unexpected rainstorm. If rain is not a threat for the day, use a light Ravens blanket or throw instead.

When storms do come to Baltimore, they are usually isolated thunderstorms accompanied by light rain; certainly not the most disruptive possibility, but nonetheless frustrating for fans as the rain will drag on throughout the day. And for those random heavy downpours, while the upside is that they are usually quick to pass, the excess rain causes flooding in parking lots and streets. This means tailgaters should always be conscious of the location of gutters and storm drains to their set-up. Performing a quick check that they are clear from leaves and other debris can make all the difference.

Unfortunately, September is typically the rainiest month of the Ravens football season and one of the most humid. So waterproofing is key when it comes to face paint, games, blankets and chairs. A water-resistant storage bag can also be invaluable and it’s a good idea to plan in advance about which gear or supplies will need protection first so there’s less scrambling when storms hit fast and hard.

For rainwear, Baltimore Ravens ponchos are an inexpensive option for weathering the storm like a true fan and their light weight is perfect for September temperatures. Unlike umbrellas, ponchos keep cooks’ hands free but require extra caution around open flames.

Even with the summer heat gone, sunscreen is still essential this month particularly for those afternoon games that have tailgaters celebrating during peak sun-exposure times. Bug spray is also a must as the proximity to the harbor and higher humidity keeps mosquitoes biting up until the end of September.

Lastly, while it never hurts to have hand warmers ready to go, fans can likely wait to purchase these until October.

Happy Tailgating!

Keri Ann Beazell is a Baltimore writer following the latest developments in arts and culture, natural wonders, lifestyle and pets. She enjoys promoting thought-provoking discussions, education, new ideas and smiles among readers. Follow her on Twitter at @KtBlue16 and online at Examiner.com

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