BALTIMORE (WJZ)– No more guessing about how many calories are in a McDonald’s cheeseburger, fries and milkshake combo. The fast-food chain is putting more nutrition information where customers can see them.

Gigi Barnett has more.

“Hello, welcome to McDonald’s!”

Hearing that greeting usually causes McDonald’s customers to launch into a long list of memorized fast food delights.

They order cheeseburgers of all sizes, piping-hot french fries and something cold to wash it all down.

But now, some hungry customers are taking a double-look at the menu board. The fast-food chain is showing customers what they’re really getting when it comes to calories.

“Right down to a Big Mac, it will tell you all of the ingredients and calorie content.” Joe Cox, the owner of a McDonald’s franchise, said.

Mcdonald’s rolled out the calorie-conscious indoor and drive-thru menus nationwide this month, becoming the first fast food chain to show customers what they’re eating.

“The things that start in McDonald’s don’t always stay in McDonald’s,” Cox said. “We just want to be the first. But legislation is coming down that caloric information is going to be on all menu boards.”

“I don’t come to McDonald’s for a salad, that’s for sure,” Alan Bedell, a McDonald’s customer, said.

It’s true. Most people don’t. Bedell says he probably won’t stop ordering the Double Quarter-Pounder With Cheese even though he knows it has more than 740 calories in the cheeseburger alone.

But it’s still good to know.

“I think it’s a very bold move by McDonald’s to do, but also assume most of its customers already know that it’s not that healthy for them,” Bedell said.

McDonald’s also has an application for Smart Phone users to check the food guide before placing an order. Restaurants have until next year to change their menu.

Back in March, McDonald’s reduced its kids meals by 100 calories by cutting the size of the French fries and adding apples.


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