By Pat Warren

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)—Maryland’s same-sex marriage debate is gaining national attention. A high-profile fundraiser in New York on Thursday night drew celebrity support.

Political reporter Pat Warren has the latest.

Maryland is one of four states that will vote on same-sex marriage this year.

Out-of-state interest in Maryland’s same-sex marriage ballot question grows, and traditional marriage supporters who petitioned the law passed by the General Assembly to the ballot saw celebrity opposition at a marriage equality fundraiser in New York.

“The battle is on in Maryland. We all need to get up for this fight. There are Democrats here. There are Republicans here. There are black people here. There are white people here in this great city of New York, and the same is true in Maryland,” Gov. Martin O’Malley said at the fundraiser.

The event attracted a number of celebrities.

“Last night’s fundraiser had the governor, had John Waters, had Josh Charles. It had Kevin Lowes, Maryland natives who really understand the importance of going out and raising money for question six,” said Sultan Shakir, marriage equality supporter.

“I’m not taken at all by the big names that come out every single time this battle happens,” said Derek McCoy, marriage equality opponent.

The Maryland Marriage Alliance may be short on celebrity but has confidence in voters, more than 100,000 of whom signed a petition.

“They’re doing their job, and they’re casting their ballot and they’re getting up off their chair on Nov. 6 and saying ‘Hey, I’m gonna drive grandma, drive cousin, aunt whatever go to the polls,’” McCoy said.

The Maryland Marriage Alliance says it is also raising money to support its campaign.

Maine, Minnesota and Washington also have same-sex ballot questions this year.


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