First let me give you my S.K.I.N. for week two (score key info & a note about the game). The oddsmakers had the Eagles as high as a 3 point favorite, now it’s a 1 or 2 point line. Either way the Eagles are expected to keep the game close, except lines are made for making money not judging teams. That said they get it right a bunch! Anyway, my S.K.I.N. is Ravens 27 – 23. Flacco has 250 yards, TD to Pitta. The offense looks almost as good as week 1, which is still pretty good and Ray Rice get over 100 yards on the ground.

The reason Flacco and the offense may not look as great, but still pretty good, as they did against the Bengals is because it’s unrealistic. Plus, the Eagles are still good in the secondary with Rodgers-Cromartie and Asomugha who will give the Ravens WR’s a hard time. With Babin, Cole, Jenkins and Landri up front Matt Birk will have his hands full as will the pair of tackles (likely Oher RT & K.O. LT). That, home field in Philly, and the Eagles woes in week one should make this for a decent matchup. Vick will not throw 4 interceptions again and I have concerns about Baltimore being able to stop LeSean McCoy at RB, again why the game will be close. I do think the Ravens secondary proved it can be really good (and will need to be this week) while also showing Joe is a whole new level of QB.

Ravens will be 2-0 after 2 weeks.

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