Glenn Younes: Blame The NFL, Not Refs

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(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

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The power of the NFL may have made them too big to see the real issue with the replacement refs.

It’s not the Refs, it’s the league.

You see asking the replacement refs to call an NFL game is like asking a guy cooking burgers at the neighborhood block party to be Bobby Flay. It’s not the same level.

Not all prey is good prey. I know the NFL is a great white shark that attacks prey but some prey is bait. Don’t get reeled into a net for no reason. The regular refs cost a premium because they provide the best performance. Not a flawless one but the best on the market. The best on the market is what I thought the entire scope of the NFL disseminated. The replacement refs are not the best on the market and the league is underestimating the importance of managing a game. Where is the baseline standard with rules, judgement calls & pace of the game?

I’d like to say a bad PR move by the league, but it feels more silly really. Get the best, pay the premium and entertain the masses.

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