1. San Francisco: 49ers (2-0) handled Detriot with not problem. Best balance of any team. Error free offense and nasty defense.

2. Houston: Texans (2-0) went on the road and physically beat up Jacksonville.

3. Atlanta: Falcons  (2-0) defense confused Peyton Manning into 3 first quarter picks and Matt Ryan was consistent.

4. Green Bay: Packers (1-1) manhandled the bears. Clay Mathews had 3 1/2 sacks on Cutler and Aaron Rogers and offense did enough.

5. Philadelphia: Eagles (2-0) turned the ball over 9 times in 2 games but still finds a way to win.

6. San Diego: Charger (2-0) Philip Rivers is putting up big numbers. Have not played a tough schedule though.

7. Arizona : Flacons (2-0) biggest surprise so far. Went on the road to New England and found a way to win. IMPOSSIBLE.

8. Baltimore: Ravens (1-1) defense is ranked 27th. Must find a pass rush this week. Another spot light game on Sunday night for Flacco.

9. New England: Patriots (1-1) came out flat against Arizona. Pats offense must protect Brady. Can they go on the road to Baltimore and beat the Ravens again?

10. Pittsburgh: Steelers (1-1) manhandled Jets at home. Big Ben and offense is heating up.

11. Denver: Broncos (1-1) too many turnovers against Atlanta. Built to big of a hole to get out of and Peyton is still not there yet.

12. Seattle: Seahawks(1-1) won a big game at home against Dallas and made it look easy. Big test this week at home on Monday night vs. Green Bay


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