BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) —  All eyes were on the water. Parts of eastern Baltimore County flooded out and it may not be over yet.

Meghan McCorkell reports residents are keeping a close watch on the bay.

The fury of the Chesapeake Bay lashed Millers Island in Edgemere.

“It was coming up really hard,” said Matthew Gilley.

Chesapeake Avenue was flooded out as the waves continued to pound and the wind whipped.

“I’ve already seen 18 inches of water here in the road,” said homeowner Tom Klein.

As the water rose, emergency crews went door to door but nobody there was evacuated.

The Gilley family knows how dangerous water can be. Their home was destroyed nine years ago to the day during Hurricane Isabel.

“Any time it gets like this, we’re on our toes and ready to go,” said Dave Gilley.

Now all eyes are on the water.

“Flash floods can occur rapidly with little to no warning signs,” said Baltimore County Fire Department Lt. Julia Dillard.

The rising tide was also cause for alarm to the north. In Bowley’s Quarters, at least a foot of water rushed right into the front yards of homes.

“You could just see waves. It was worse than the ocean. They just come right over the bulkhead,” said Shelley Piccinini.

Power was knocked out as a massive tree came crashing down, taking power lines with it.

“It tore wires off of houses further down the street plus snapped over two poles,” said Caroline Clavell.

Now the sound of generators fill the neighborhood as they gear up for a sleepless night of watching the water and hoping the worst is over.

Emergency officials say so far, there have been no injuries as a result of the flooding. They continue to monitor the situation on Millers Island.

Slideshow: Parts Of Maryland Flooded 


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