BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Something stinks in Baltimore. Travel and Leisure magazine ranks Charm City one of the dirtiest cities of all.

Monique Griego has all the dirt on the new ranking.

Last year, we were the sixth dirtiest. This year, we jumped to the third. While some people don’t believe we deserve the title, others were actually proud of it.

YouTube video shows one of Baltimore’s most unsightly places–an alleyway infested with rats. These little guys are a big part of why the city was named one of dirtiest in the country.

“I can’t say I’m surprised,” Maureen Regan said.

According to Travel and Leisure magazine, the Big Apple was the most unclean city followed by New Orleans. Baltimore rounded out the top three.

“Where they got this from I don’t know,” Kurt Kocher of the Department of Public Works (DPW) said. “I’m a native. I’ve seen it getting better.”

Kocher says contrary to what the magazine says, Baltimore’s rat complaints are actually down by several thousand.

“I’ve only noticed a couple of rats since moving here two years ago. I don’t mind a furry friend or two,” Michael Falletti said.

“Our rats are not as big as New York’s. Not dealing with cat-sized rat here at least,” Regan said.

But rats aren’t the city’s only eyesore. Environmental activist Halley Vandergaag says just looking at the streets, you can tell littering and improper trash disposal are major problems.

“I know that many people are working together on improving outcomes in the City in terms of trash but we obviously need to do more,” Vandergaag of Blue Water Baltimore said.

The magazine did note that the dirtiest cities were still favored by many people because of their uniqueness.

“Baltimore is very gritty. It’s got a lot of character. That’s what I love about it,” Falletti said.

If you have a trash or rat complaint, you can call 311 for help.

Baltimore was praised in the rankings for it’s classical music and quirky locals.


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