Listeners of the Norris & Davis Show know I am not on the fence when it comes to heaping praise on Bernard Pollard. It’s usually reserved for his physical style of play. He keeps order in the Ravens’ secondary by scaring the hell out of opposing receivers.

Well now he has impressed me for off field actions …he has called out Roger Goodell for not addressing the disaster that is the replacement ref situation.  I couldn’t agree with him more.  Goodell still imposes fines for hits not flagged by refs as illegal yet he deems them to be worthy of punishment.  He should be paying attention to the outrageous level of officiating that has been displayed during the first few weeks of this season.  His refusal to address this issue shows how arrogant the owners have become.

They know the NFL is a bulletproof product that is so popular it will turn a profit no matter how poor the quality of the games become. Therefore they are in no hurry to shell out any money to get the real officials back to work, and basically are thumbing their nose at the fan base.  It really sucks and props to Pollard for having the courage to call it as it is. Just keep your eye on the news to see if a fine is imposed on him for speaking his mind.

Just another reason to admire #31 and it convinces me that the Commissioner is a shill for the owners.


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