BALTIMORE (WJZ) — How low can you go? Gas prices continue to be on a downward spiral at the pump.

Rochelle Ritchie has more on the savings.

According to AAA, the prices in Maryland are 10 cents lower than the national average and have dropped more than five cents in a week, meaning more pennies in the pockets of drivers.

The nickel and dime days of filling up at the pump are slowing, becoming few and far between as gas prices continue to drop.

But it’s not enough savings to make drivers jump for joy.

“It’s just ridiculous with these prices,” said one driver.

Prices in Maryland have fallen five cents in a week.

“No, it’s not a whole lot. I couldn’t do much with that,” said another driver.

The price of gas in Maryland is $3.70, 10 cents below the national average.

AAA says the downward trend could continue through the fall and winter.

“Refineries and gas stations are switching over to the winter blend, which is less costly to produce so we should see this price decline continue,” said Christine Delise, AAA.

Sounds good, but when you do the math, some say it’s just pennies back in the bank. In one week, drivers save five cents, in a month 20 cents and in a year, $2.40. The up and down trend of the numbers are attributed to conflicts in the Middle East.

Drivers say whatever the reason, the constant instability doesn’t spark consumer confidence.

“It would be nice if they would stabilize,” said a driver.

Analysts admit prices at the pump have been all over the map lately.


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