The NFL replacement ref saga is all but over and of course it comes after such a disaster the league had no choice but to do something.

That something is bringing the regular refs (best in the biz but far from perfect) back after coming to terms on a new deal that equates to pennies in comparison to the revenue. What an obvious move after doing nothing for no reason other than because they could. Nothing gets in the way of the game, the game must go on has to be the owners mindset on pretty much anything, right? Such typical arrogance for what? Act as if you have half as much class as you have money.

I don’t begrudge anyone success, power, money, choice but I do hate stupidity. I hate it because it’s avoidable. This NFL ref thing has been so stupid and totally predictable it’s embarrassing really. These Owners, mostly wildly successful business men and families, have grown so large they really are just that out of touch with reality. It’s that simple. It took a monumental disaster to start movement.

Shame on you NFL. You continue to be predictably stupid.

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