Here are the worlds greatest power rankings … as expected. We are never wrong! Debate if you like …

1. TEXANS – a ferocious defense and playmakers all over on offense. Early favorite out of the gate.

2. FALCONS – Matt Ryan and this these guys are playing at a whole different level right now.

3. RAVENS – that game resembled the AFC championship too much! Except this time the right team won.

4. 49ERS – tripped up on the road. Saw that one coming. Let’s see how they rebound.

5. CARDINALS – not a total believer yet, but that defense may be for real!

6. GIANTS – they way they played with back-ups on a short week was impressive.

7. PACKERS – clearly they were robbed. Cleary they are better than 1-2.

8. PATRIOTS – haven’t been below .500 since 2003. They won’t be there long.

9. BEARS – Jay Cutler and that offense should be better. Much better.

10. EAGLES – Vick may not survive the season. He may not start much longer either.

11. CHARGERS – no shame in losing to the Atlanta; but not at home on a short week and traveling across country.

12. COWBOYS – the team that won on opening night is long gone. Back to ordinary.

13. BENGALS – looked good, especially offensively, after the stinker in week 1.

14. STEELERS – Big Ben is playing well, too bad no one else in Pittsburgh is.

15. LIONS – they love the drama, but need the wins.

16. JETS – it’s a win. But not a respectable one. That offense looks awful.

17. BILLS – Ryan Fitzpatrick has 8 TD’s so far, but only 581 yards passing.

18. SEAHAWKS – they are competitive & surprising teams. Help from refs doesn’t hurt.

19. REDSKINS – we knew RG3 was good. We also knew the defense would be bad.

20. PANTHERS – Cam “Superman” Newton must have been hit with Kryptonite.

21. BRONCOS – fans in Denver hope Peyton plays better. Much, much better.

22. VIKINGS – Christian Ponder is proving doubters wrong … and the Vikings right!

23. TITANS – clearly the second best team in that division. But not by much.

24. BUCCANEERS – They continue to be on the wrong side of the victory formation.

25. RAMS – Sam Bradford was supposed to be better. So was his O-line.

26. CHIEFS – with how bad they’ve played, they are still only a game out of first.

27. COLTS – they always had trouble with the Jaguars WITH Peyton Manning.

28. JAGUARS – MJD is getting going. That’s their best hope.

29. SAINTS – how much worse can things get in NOLA? Just wait and see.

30. RAIDERS – the Black Hole is still a tough place for east coast teams.

31. DOLPHINS – they should have beat the Jets. They didn’t. Damn kickers.

32. BROWNS – good news: they get to play in prime time. Bad news: against the Ravens.



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