BALTIMORE (WJZ)—It’s purple Thursday here in Maryland, as the Ravens host the Browns. The big news: the regular referees are back on the sidelines. After a thrilling Sunday night game against New England, fans are hoping for a repeat.

Monique Griego reports on the fan excitement.

After an emotional game on Sunday, Ravens fans are still reeling.

“It was very intense,” one fan said.

“Just about had a heart attack every couple of minutes,” said another.

The first and only purple Thursday of the season brought tailgaters out bright and early. Fans showed up to the stadium 16 hours before kickoff.

“People just want to see us kick some butt,” said Molly Neifeld, fan. “We’ve been playing really well so far.”

“I think it’s better than ever. I think the Ravens are on fire this year,” said Danielle Lowe, fan.

And there was no shortage of football food to go around.

There was even a lonely, but brave, Browns fan in the midst.

“They wanna talk their smack, but in the end we’re the ones that gave them the team that they have now,” said Tim Martin, Browns fan.

How do Baltimore fans feel about Thursday night’s matchup?

“If it’s brown, flush it down,” one fan said.

That pretty much sums up the feelings for Baltimore Ravens fanatics. They are confident that Baltimore is going to kick Cleveland out of town.

“I’m not a hater, but we’re gonna win,” Lowe said.

Especially with the real referees back, “we know that everything’s going to be normal and hopefully we won’t have to do our loud, obnoxious chant we did last week,” said Tina Fox, fan.

WJZ didn’t talk to a single fan that didn’t think it was going to be a blowout.


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