BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Tens of thousands of fans packed into Camden Yards on Friday night to see the Orioles take on the Red Sox.

Monique Griego has more on the fan excitement.

For O’s fans, this season has been a dream come true. Now that we’re so close to the playoffs, the excitement at Camden Yards is only getting better.

If you had any doubt orange fever was taking over Baltimore, now there’s proof. O’s excitement is on overload.

“I think it will be more intense because this time we can actually win,” said Miles Hollimon, fan.

And with an electric energy running through the crowd for the O’s last home stand against the Red Sox, the team is thanking fans for their support with an appreciation weekend.

“It’s one of those things that the players do thrive on, and they’ve talked about the crowd being so rowdy,” said Greg Bader, Orioles spokesman.

“I think the team is expected to give back, especially to the fans, who were here through the tough times,” Hollman said.

Now with a winning season under our belt, fans have their sights set on the next prize.

“Since 1983 we haven’t been here, and we’re ready for a playoff game,” one fan said.

And of course the excitement at these last few games is continuing to grow because they actually mean something.

“Normally, we’re not in a pennant race,” a fan said.

“The last few times we’ve come it hasn’t really counted for anything, and this time it’s big,” said a fan.

Fans say they’ve always supported the O’s but were waiting for the right moment to really let it out.

“It’s kind of hard to come when they lose year after year, but people always been behind the Orioles,” one O’s fan said.

“Even when they were losing people still came, but now that they’re winning everyone is all excited,” said another fan.

For fan appreciation weekend, the team will be giving out prizes at every game. They include season tickets and autographed items.

On Saturday the final Orioles legend statue of Brooks Robinson will be unveiled.


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