It’s hard to describe what it’s like to be in Baltimore covering sports and having the Orioles make the playoffs, first time for me.

In 1997 I was in college at East Carolina University, skipping class to watch with my friends in our dorm. I know in all my time in the media we’ve not known this playoff feeling. Being a child fan is a certain feeling but as a focused adult I’ve not known this feeling. It’s a searching feeling. It’s a good feeling, great feeling really but I don’t have explanation for the emotion. I’m not 17 anymore, I’m not 18 in college anymore, I’m a 33 year old adult back in MD doing sports radio in the town of the team I grew up cheering for and is now back in the playoffs.

Wow, words can’t describe the feeling of shock and comfort all wrapped into one. To think that when the season started most pegged the 2012 Orioles to be competitive, for one of the worst records in the majors. Unreal! No one had this scenario mapped out, not Buck, Jones, Duquette or Angelos. It makes winning that much more fulling, exciting, interesting and rewarding for sticking with this Baltimore Baseball team. No matter what happens this fall I know 2012 was a success and that’s enough for me. Loser talk, maybe, but I’m not greedy. I got to see my baseball team make the playoffs out of the clear blue, that’s a gift I wasn’t expecting.

Orioles Magic is back and Buck has the wand.

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