BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Every year, the Baltimore City Fire Department sets aside money to educate its residents how to prevent house fires and what to do when one happens.

Now, as Mike Schuh reports, they’ve cooked up an event to have the residents come to them.

Want to get someone’s attention? Send up smoke signals. That is what people will see on Saturday at the city fire department’s Thrill Show.

“Give the public an up close and birds-eye view of what our firefighters and paramedics do every day to keep them close,” Kevin Cartwright, spokesman for the Baltimore City Fire Department, said.

Start a fire, put out a fire, watch competition.

Schuh: “Eugene, why are we four floors up?”
Eugene Von Berger, firefighter: “Because competition is coming up. We are four floors up because you have a 28-pound hose. At the end of the rope, you have to pull it up to the window sill.”

“And the technique is, you grab low and pull the rope up with your hands over under,” Von Berger said.

Schuh: “Good workout on upper arms. You are strong as an ox.” Von Berger: “I try. I am only 53 years old.”

The department is filled with people like Von Berger. Well, maybe not as strong or stubborn.

But what he’s doing inspires people to become firefighters or to listen to the department’s prevention message.

“Absolutely! This gets the community together and brings them into our home to see what we do,” Cartwright said.

It takes 100 firefighters to host this. They’re all on the clock, so at a time when fire houses are closing, a group of attorneys is covering much of the cost.

“The mission of our foundation is keeping families safe, public education, and really making events like this possible in Maryland, especially free or low cost options to educate children,” said Ashley Sullivan of the Maryland Association for Justice.

The event is on at 6720 Pulaski Highway, Baltimore, Md. 21237. It runs from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m.


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