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1. TEXANS – Andre Johnson had 1 catch for 15 yards & they won. They are that good.

2. 49ERS – In the past 2 weeks, this team isn’t only about defense. They can score!

3. FALCONS – They continue to gut out tough wins.  They should do the same in Jan.

4. RAVENS – Should have had a better showing against the Chiefs.

5. PATRIOTS – Maybe those losses have galvanized this team. At least the offense.

6. GIANTS – Eli Manning is going to win a passing title this year. He’s going to have to.

7. BEARS – That defense can score almost as easily as the offense. Not sure if that’s good.

8. VIKINGS – A bad team would have slipped up there. They didn’t. They aren’t bad.

9. CARDINALS – Could this be the start of the other shoe dropping? Wait and see.

10. STEELERS – Always good after a bye week. How are they on a short week?

11. EAGLES – Michael Vick is playing Santa a few months early. He keeps giving things away … like the football!

12. PACKERS – Aaron Rodgers is going to need some help. Maybe more than some. Like a lot!

13. CHARGERS – Not a bad loss, but lucky for them the rest of that division lost too.

14. SEAHAWKS – They have made a habit of winning ugly. And sometimes lucky.

15. COWBOYS – Moved up in a bye week. Maybe they should NOT play more often.

16. BRONCOS – Peyton got beat by Brady. New uniform. Similar results.

17. RAMS – Jeff Fisher has them playing like contenders and right now, they are.

18. BENGALS – Why do they always seem to lose games like that? At home, no less.

19. REDSKINS – Griffin should call Mark Sanchez and ask him about sliding.

20. LIONS – Hope the week of straightens things out for their offense and defense.

21. COLTS – Andrew Luck is smart. Smart enough to keep throwing to Reggie Wayne.

22. DOLPHINS – No one is noticing that they are a game out of first place.

23. BUCCANEERS – Drew up new defenses against the victory formation during bye.

24. BILLS – Defense surrendered 95 points in the last two games. OUCH!

25. PANTHERS – Cam is mired in a sophomore slump.  Big time.

26. SAINTS – As long as Sean Payton is in the building, the Saints can win.

27. JETS – Much better showing, but another home doesn’t look good.

28. TITANS – Chris Johnson is a reminder what a 2,000-yard season does to a RB.

29. RAIDERS – The early bye came at a time where they have a lot of problems.

30. CHIEFS – Outside of all the turnovers, they just aren’t very good.

31. JAGUARS – Each week is one step closer to Los Angeles.

32. BROWNS – How soon before the new owner just starts cleaning house?


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