The play on word in the title is two fold. The Ravens need to end the run that other teams are putting on them on the ground and with the injury of legend Ray Lewis (who is out for the rest of 2012) it MAY spark the end of his amazing 17 season career.

Lets address the actual football issues first. The Ravens are really bad against the run, I mean historically bad. Franchise record (not a good thing) in yards allowed in week 6, 227 yards by the Cowboys. The week prior 214 from the Chiefs, a first since 1997. Yes, it’s been that bad! Not sure Baltimore has the personnel to make drastic changes but better execution in the middle of the line is a must. The boat has a big leak, got to slow it down, not sure it can be fully plugged.

Now with Lewis. He’s slowed down this year, lost weight and leaned up to keep up. He’s an amazingly powerful person capable of transforming and morphing year after year. I have as much respect for Ray Lewis’ work ethic as I do his play on the field. He’s a remarkable athlete. That said this MIGHT be the end of the road for a sure fire Hall of Famer. Torn triceps, season over in 2012. Does season 18 happen for him? He’s still top notch in recognition and placement but he’s not a young man anymore.

The team just got younger and all that “getting younger” means, including mistakes and more speed. An interesting trade off. Will the Ravens linebackers be better without Ray Lewis? Is this the last time we will see Ray Lewis in a Ravens uniform? What will the Ravens do for the future regardless of 2013? All questions that only time can answer but what me know now is the defense is hurting and stopping the run will help heal it.



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