ANNAPOLIS, Md. (CBS Baltimore) – A mayor has many roles, some of them are more important than others. Catching people urinating off a parking garage might not have been fallen under a mayor’s many responsibilities – that is until Tuesday.

Annapolis Mayor Joshua Cohen caught a 68-year-old man peeing off the third deck of a parking garage. The Baltimore Sun reports that Richard H. Vermillion, the man accused of urinating off the parking garage, allegedly told Cohen he was “following the call of the wild,” cursing at Cohen’s suggestion to use a public restroom located nearby.

“If it would have been three in the morning, I might have looked the other way,” Cohen told the Sun. “But it was three in the afternoon, in broad daylight.”

According to the police report, Cohen asked the parking lot attendant to close off the gate until police arrived to arrest Vermillion, who tried leaving in a white Cadillac.

“If I had to follow the call the wild, I would tell you,” Vermillion said, according to the police report.

Vermillion was charged with urinating in public, according to the report. Cohen told the Sun he would be happy to testify in court if prosecutors decide to move forward with charges against Vermillion.


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