If you need to check our Power Rankings against anyone else’s … well … you don’t have to. Ours are the best!  Just ask us!


1. FALCONS – they could have been beat the last 3 weeks, but winning continues.

2. TEXANS – no shame in a loss to Green Bay. Didn’t think they’d get blown out.

3. GIANTS – a very impressive win against a team that looked unstoppable.

4. RAVENS – that defense is shaky at best. And now with the injuries, who knows.

5. 49ERS – win back-to-back road games on east coast, but lose at home. Huh?

6. BEARS – even in a bye week, their defense can only get better.

7. PATRIOTS – when was the last time the Pats blew a double-digit 4th quarter lead?

8. PACKERS – maybe that win in Houston was the start on the road back to the top.

9. SEAHAWKS – how can you not realize this team is good? Very good at home.

10. VIKINGS – they play much better with a lead. Their lead in the division is gone.

11. CARDINALS – that other shoe is dropping. Luckily SF lost too. But Seattle didn’t.

12. BRONCOS – feeling good at 3-3 and tied for first. They control it from here out.

13. STEELERS – a terrible loss to the Titans. Big Ben can’t do this by himself.

14. EAGLES – Michael Vick is a machine. A fumbling, turnover machine. Awful.

15. COWBOYS – it wasn’t a win, but it was a loss you can feel a little better about.

16. CHARGERS – I’d like to think this is rock bottom, but we’ve seen worse.

17. REDSKINS – they are competitive with Griffin at QB. And fun to watch.

18. LIONS – they won a must win on the road. Now let’s see if they can build on it.

19. RAMS – their defense is stout. Jeff Fisher has re-invigorated that team.

20. DOLPHINS – Ryan Tannehill looks as much like the real deal as any rookie QB.

21. BILLS – as bad as they have played, they are at 3-3 with a chance to do better.

22. JETS – good news: they are tied for first. Bad news: they are tied for last too.

23. BUCCANEERS – they finally got to be on the right side of the victory formation.

24. BENGALS –a loss to the Browns? Who didn’t see that one coming? The Bengals.

25. PANTHERS – hopefully Cam Newton and the offense fixed all of their problems.

26. COLTS – getting blown out by the Jets can’t make anyone feel better.

27. SAINTS – maybe Joe Vitt returning will start to turn things around for them.

28. TITANS – it wasn’t a total gift from the Steelers, but it was sure close to one.

29. JAGUARS – managed to gain ground on 2 of 3 teams in division without playing.

30. RAIDERS – a solid effort in Atlanta, just not a win. At least they have company.

31. CHIEFS – they are the Raiders company.  And it’s not good company to keep.

32. BROWNS – maybe on more win will get them out of the cellar. Just maybe.



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