Maybe I’m just cranky but when I look at the NFL this season I can’t find much to get excited about. I guess I need a little more patience. Super Bowl’s aren’t won in October or November, this is the time of the year they can be lost but never won. Consider the last 2 Lombardi trophy champs.

Last year the Giants lost 4 straight and had to win their last 2 regular season games to go 9-7 and just to get into the tournament. Same thing the year before, Green Bay was 8-6 and battered and had to win their last 2 in the regular season to get in. They caught fire and ran the table to beat the Steelers in Super Bowl XLV (that’s 45). So maybe there’s greatness out there, but right now I’m having trouble seeing it. Here’s my top 10 and I have reservations about all of them.

NFL Power-less rankings

1. Falcons 6-0 –Can’t argue with the record, but a last second win over the Raiders and Panthers at home makes me wonder. Matt Ryan is playing well but he’s still looking for his first playoff win (0-3).

2. Texans 5-1— Hardly looked like a Super Bowl bunch Sunday night when they got hammered at home. They couldn’t run the ball and gave up 6 TD passes. Still, maybe the best balanced team in the AFC playing in a weak division.

3. Bears 4-1— Their defense is their best offense, but the offense has play-makers with Cutler, Forte and Brandon Marshall. Throw in Devin Hester in the return game and this is a solid team. Still wonder if Cutler can cut it.

4. Giants 4-2-– They looked like the Super Bowl Champs last week whipping the 49ers in San Francisco. Losses to Dallas and the Eagles in the division but I think Tom Coughlan’s guys will be heard from.

5. Ravens 5-1— It sure doesn’t feel like 5-1 but it is. With the shoddy defensive play and season ending injuries to Ray and Webb this isn’t trending up. The offense needs to step up and the once proud defense needs to show up. In the ordinary AFC they still have more than a fighting chance.

6. 49ers 4-2— Hold that Super Bowl thought for a moment. A 26-3 spanking at home by the Giants. Jim Harbaugh’s guys were totally dominated. Just when you thought Alex Smith and a nasty D might be good enough.

7. Packers 3-3— Run of the mill record and run of the mill football before A-Rod dropped a 6 TD A-Bomb in Houston. The football gets better and the sked gets softer. Could be primed for a run.

8. Patriots 3-3— Isn’t everybody in the AFC East. The Pats 3 wins by 55 points, their 3 losses by 4 points. Reminder to Hoody… see Buck on winning close games. Trending up, none of next 6 teams on NE schedule have a winning record.

9. Seahawks 4-2— Rookie Russell Wilson rallied his team in the 4th quarter to beat Tom Brady’s team. Wow! Seattle’s defense is the real deal. Suddenly the NFC West has a heartbeat.

10. Crap Shoot. I think the Broncos (3-3), Eagles (3-3) and Steelers (2-3) are all better than the 4-2 Cardinals and Vikings.

Remember 20 of the 32 teams have at least a .500 record. There’s a lot of decent, some good and very little great in the fall of 2012.


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