After a beautiful fall weekend, a big time warm-up is on the way.

Friday’s storms are gone, but the parent low pressure system that drove them is still hanging over the Ohio Valley. That’s what kicked up the winds, and even caused a few showers in the mountains. Those are all dying down Saturday night, and that low will lift off to the northeast. More seasonal air will continue to funnel in behind this low. We topped out at the average of 66 degrees and will again Sunday. However, much warmer air is building to the west, and it’s moving our way.

After the weekend, high pressure will drift over the Mid-Atlantic and then offshore. Since winds rotate clockwise around that high, our winds will turn back around to the south early next week. That southerly wind will bring the warm air our way. At the same time, a warm front will drift north of us Tuesday into Wednesday. We will get some clouds from that front but it looks like the showers will stay north of us. When that front clears, our highs will jump to the upper 70s for the end of the week.


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