Enjoy the warm weather not only Tuesday, but for the rest of the week. Highs are going to the mid 70s and then close to 80 degrees Wednesday. Even after a front moves by, we will remain in the mid to upper 70s Thursday and Friday. Then, the way above average temperatures will swing way below average for early next week…so enjoy it this week.

The front moving by Tuesday and Wednesday is mainly passing to the north of us. However, it’s close enough that it’s dragging showers through northern Maryland and may even produce an isolated shower Wednesday. Otherwise, sunshine will mix with clouds at times. That front will get out of here by Thursday, before a much larger and stronger front moves our way over the weekend.

This weekend’s front is a strong one with much colder air behind it. It’s already brought heavy rain, tornadoes, and mountain snow to the West. It will slowly make its way across the state, arriving here either late Saturday or Sunday. We could see some strong thunderstorms when it passes through, then some rain lingering into Sunday. The biggest thing we will feel, though, is the huge change in temperatures. Highs will go from near 80 degrees to the 50s by Monday.

There is something else very interesting going on with this weekend’s forecast, and it has created a lot of buzz in the weather world. That has to do with tropical storm Sandy. Sandy is gaining strength and organization in the southern Caribbean. It will move off to the north, over Cuba and through the Bahamas. Then, there are a lot questions about its path after that. Some computer models strengthen Sandy to a hurricane that could threaten the East Coast, merging with that strong weekend front moving our way. Others have that front deflecting Sandy, keeping it out over the water.

We are still many days away, but all interests along the East Coast need to pay close attention to this forecast. If Sandy does merge with the weekend storm, it will become an even bigger storm – even for us here in Maryland.

We will keep you updated, so stay tuned.


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